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5G is coming

The arrival of 5G era means that operators will upgrade and renovate communication base stations across the country. It is an inevitable trend to support lithium batteries in the base station system, and the energy storage market of communication base stations will make lithium batteries hot again. Topband's lithium battery R&D team worked day and night to develop 5G integrated power supply.

Green Life and Electricity

5G battery/power is a miniaturized power outdoor cabinet system launched for the telecom industry. The whole machine has stable performance, compact structure and high power density. Wide range of application, support remote software management;Flexible installation, wall hanging, can hold the pole, no space occupation; comprehensive coverage of small and medium capacity power demand,tailored to create a green intelligent power supply solution for the coming 5G network.

Stable performance
small size
High power & density
Extensive use and maintenance free
  • Item/Model
  • TB4810F-T100A
  • TB4820F-T110B

  • Nominal voltage
  • 48V

  • 48V

  • Capacity
  • 10Ah

  • 20Ah

  • Impedance
  • ≤200mΩ
  • ≤40mΩ

  • Storage temperature
  •  -20-55°C
  •   -20-55°C

  • Discharge current
  • 10A

  • 20A

  • Energy
  •  512Wh
  •     1024Wh

  • Weight
  • 15KG
  • 12kg

  • Dimension
  • 400*500*230mm
  • 145.5x220x474mm
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